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Ride Manager Guide

This page is to help you, as the ride manager, get your ride on the ERidePay website .  The process is outlined below.  

STEP by Step guide to hosting your ride on eridepay

This system was designed during the pandemic as a solution for rides to adhere to CDC guidelines.  Pre-registrations became required (or highly recommended). However, not all RMs have the skills or desire to build something.  Nobody wants to manage a ride by random emails or some other tedious solution.  The Minnesota Distance Riding Association began using this system on their website for the 2021 season with great success.

In summary, this site can:
* Provide your ride with it’s own page link, such as
* Personalize the information on your page with content you can modify. Not only can you modify the ride details, you can create announcements that will automatically post on your page.
* Riders complete the entry-form online. Once submitted, email confirmations are sent to both the rider and the ride secretary.
* For UMECRA sanctioned rides, an official UMECRA entry in printable PDF format will be generated and attached to the email notifications. See a sample here
* The entry form includes collection of Negative Coggins test results. The file will be attached to the entry notifications.
* The entry form can be customized to collect other fees or information needed for your ride. This can include AHA membership information, camping fees, meal fees, etc.
* Credit card convenience fees are paid by the rider, not you. This means someone paying by check will pay the stated flyer price and anyone wishing to pay in advance, will be charged a small fee for the convenience. *some limitations apply.
* Payments are sent to your merchant service provider and are under your control.  This site does not collect your banking information or have control over your receipts.  Refunds will be done by you, anytime.
* Entry summaries will be available anytime via a unique link to download an excel file. This file is customizable – you tell me what fields you want. If you want separate feeds, I can set that up too.

I know ride managers watch every penny.  I also know the time and effort that goes into managing a ride.  I need to offset my expenses for the website which include hosting fees, domain fees, and premium plugin subscriptions as well as return a little for my time onboarding and maintaining your ride each year.  I’ve set the fee at $60/per ride.


If you’re interested in hosting your ride registration on this site, submit this form to get started.  It’ll create a login for you, enabling you to move to STEP 2 if you decide to proceed.

If you haven’t filled out this form, you’ll need to do that in order for any information to be shown on your ride page.  This type of information can be very helpful to new riders. Certain fields on this form are required as they are needed for use in the entry forms.

Hello! You must be logged in to access this form.

You have the option to accept registrations paid by check and/or credit card. 
To enable a rider to pay with a credit card, the system must use a merchant service provider to process the card.  This site can work with several well-known providers, however, I have the most experience using Stripe and Paypal.  Other acceptable merchant providers are Square and Authorize.Net.  I will help you through this process.  No tech skills needed.

Stripe is my recommended merchant service provider. You will need to create a free stripe account and either add me as a developer role or provide me with the webhook secret keys (it’s easy – don’t worry!) so the site can ‘talk’ to your account.  

You are in control of your merchant account.  Stripe, for example, lets you set up how frequently payments are deposited into your account, download reports, and easily refund payments.  I will never ask for your bank information, store it, or use it whatsoever – that’s the merchant provider account.  No rider credit card information is stored here either. 

This system will collect the entry fee based on the options in the entry form.  This includes flat rates by type, discounts offered (such as early registration), and even coupon codes.   The system will also collect AERC day rates for riders who are not current members (this is not fool-proof, however, as AERC information is only updated monthly).  

Further, if you need to collect fees for camping, trail passes, meal tickets, or anything, really, I can accommodate it. 

To get the fee information to me, you can either submit a worksheet or create the entry on a form.  Once submitted, you can edit or delete these details anytime.  Hop over to the Entry Fees by Ride page for more information.  (Note  you must be logged in to view that page).

Once I have all of the information needed, I will set up a menu link  and your ride page.  Please see Test Ride for an example.  Please review links and content for accuracy.  Then, head over to the Entry Form and submit a test entry.  If everything checks out, we can switch your payments from Test to Live.  At that point, riders can register for your event.

You can get your entries in a list format.  Included in the list is all the information provided on the entry form, including links to view the actual entry form pdf and the submitted coggins paperwork.  In theory, you would not need to print these forms at all!

There are a two options to get the report.  I can provide you with a download link for your ride’s entries.  When you enter the link in a browser address bar, it will generate an excel file download.  You will need to return to the link and re-download the file to get the most recent entries.  I can customize the fields that included in the download to your liking, including the order of the fields.  Anyone with your ride’s link can download the data!

(Under construction) Another option is to link the export to dropbox. This will enable an automatic update to your file as entries are received.  Anyone who you share your dropbox file with can view the data.  

To see a sample report from the Test Ride system click an option here.  Remember – your report can be tailored to your needs!

PDF Report (fewer fields included)
Excel Report (many fields included)

Sure! If you’d like one place where all of your entries are kept, feel free to create entries.  Just select “check” as the payment type and then you won’t get prompted for the credit card information.  It might be a great way to generate an email conformation to someone, too.

To create an announcement that is displayed on your ride’s page, you’ll need to follow these steps.

  1. Click New –> Post.
  2. Add a Title for your announcement
  3. Type your announcement text.
  4. You can add media by clicking on the “add block” plus sign next to the big W.  Then, scroll down the list until you get to the media section.  Add the media you would like to insert by uploading it.
  5. IMPORTANT:  Click your ride’s name from the list under the categories list.  This is how the announcement will automatically show up on your ride page!
  6. Once done, click publish.  
  7. Review your ride page and ensure the content is displaying as you intended.  If not, you can edit the page and republish.
  8. This will display on the FRONT page and on your own ride page.